Curious About Reverse Mortgages? Read This!

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This advertising contributes to consumer misinformation about reverse mortgages increasing the likelihood of poor consumer decision-making..” Read the full column at

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The major steps in getting a reverse mortgage are deciding whether or not you want one, if you do, don’t procrastinate but don’t accept any uninvited solicitations, either. Educate yourself about the topic, explore state and local programs that might meet your needs, determine how much money you can draw on the national programs and what it will cost, get counseled, decide how you want to draw.

It read "Mnuchin’s Reverse Mortgage Woes Blemish Record of Treasury Pick." As I read on, I realized that reverse mortgage-bashing by the media, which had almost disappeared in recent years, was now being revived to tarnish a Trump appointee.

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In other words, in a new reading-based culture and power structure, those with natural inclinations toward reading proficiency come to prosper, rising quickly to the top ranks. As a consequence, left hemisphere values and views of the world become an increasingly dominant part of this new culture.

A new book on reverse mortgages seeks to explain the products in an even more concise fashion to average potential borrowers – while also explaining the new reverse mortgage math. Author Dan Hultquist released "Understanding Reverse – 2018" at the start of the new year, providing an update of his regular series of educational books [.]

FHA’s Charles Coulter said while a hybrid reverse mortgage would be a good idea, it likely will not be seen any time soon. Read more about the announcement. Rumors spun about Knight Capital’s CEO.

Myth: Reverse mortgage risks include losing ownership of your home to the bank. Fact: The bank does not take ownership of your home after getting a reverse mortgage; reverse mortgage borrowers maintain their ownership and title of the home. As long as you continue to honor loan terms as promised, such as paying property taxes and home insurance and occupying the home as your primary residence.

If you are curious about how reverse mortgages — lending products designed to allows seniors to transform their home equity into cash flow — work, this is the paper for you. And if you are.

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