Foreclosure Case

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Many buyers romanticize foreclosure auctions because they’ve heard that they’re a way to save serious money. While that may be true in some respects, it is certainly not always the case. Not only that.

A defense is a reason why the Plaintiff (the Bank in a foreclosure lawsuit) should not win their case. You tell the Court your defenses when you.

The Court does not maintain a list of properties in foreclosure. Foreclosure cases are Civil Action cases and they are indexed in the names of the individual(s) authorized to make the sale and the debtor’s names. You may use the computers in our record room to search for foreclosure cases.

Foreclosure proceedings vary from state to state. In states where mortgages are used, homeowners can end up staying in the property for almost a year; whereas, in states where trust deeds are used, a seller has less than four months before the trustee’s sale. Almost every state provides for some period of redemption.

The foreclosure saga with Casey Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy, seems to be over as their case was dismissed, allowing.

For your convenience, you can view the foreclosure case information online at the Clerk Online Resource ePortal (CORE). A case number or Plaintiff or.

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Winning a Foreclosure Case. There really should be no need to bankruptcy or frankly even mortgage modification.The key is to fight foreclosure! Now, I want a word here about the technical rules and requirements and about the need to really fight hard and understand exactly what the Florida Rules.

Foreclosure defense is a new concept that continues to grow alongside the rising tide of foreclosure cases. While some courts accept foreclosure defense arguments, others find them specious and hand down decisions more beneficial to banks than to homeowners.

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Foreclosures Actions to foreclose a lien on real property are filed as a General Civil case, either in Circuit Court or County Court depending upon the amount owed. Circuit Court has jurisdiction for cases exceeding $15,000, and County Court up to and including $15,000.. When a foreclosure.

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